Cookies policy

Cookies are small pieces of data that are transferred to the users’ computer when they visit a website. Usually they are used to support the basic elements of a website and as a way to improve the user experience. They are stored for one session or more. Upon each subsequent visit, it can retrieve information from an already stored cookie on a user’s computer and identify it. Cookies, however, do not contain personal information and do not give access to the computer.

Each user has complete control of cookies and can decide whether to allow their storage on his/her device.

On the website, we offer users the option of accepting cookies. In doing so, we warn that their exclusion may lead to potential problems with the site, and that some of the functions of the website may even be disabled.

We use the following functional cookies on this site:


Name Purpose Duration
cookie-agreed Information if client agreed to the use of cookies. 100 days
Drupal.visitor.logoff Indication of log on/off status. 1 day
Drupal.visitor.ibmapiactivate Only used during user activation process (via e-mail link). 1 day
Session cookie    

No other types of cookies used for tracking ar advertising purposes are used here.