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The Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is an EU Payment Directive aimed at providing increased flexibility and security to clients in the execution of payments within the EU. 

The APIs featured below provide three services that can be used only by licensed TPPs possessing a specific eIDAS certificate after obtaining a consent from both the bank and customer. All published PSD2 APIs follow Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 XS2A specification v1.3.

Each service offered by a TPP needs to be requested by the customer. Should you need help or are just looking for further information, get in touch with us using the Contact form.

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2024-02-28: Service notification

Currently we are experiencing an issue with the PSD2 interface. All services are currently down.

We are working on a fix to bring the service back online.

Alternatively, you can use the primary Addiko PSD2 interface - https://oapideveloper.addiko.si 

Update: 1st March 2024 15:50 GMT+1 - All services working again.